What to do when you start with a new client

I'm starting on a new project, now what? 😅

If this is your first time joining a project or maybe not your first, but you don’t yet have a checklist of what to do on the first day, this post is for you.

These are my best recommendations for the information you can ask for or try to get to have a great onboarding, or at least an easier one, and you can start working without depending on receiving the information from someone else.

Let's take advice from UX: the more information you get, the better the product is addressed.

Let’s begin!

📌 First of all

If you know what company you are going to be working on, read everything you can about the business, what it is about, what they sell, what service they provide and where it is located.

Sounds pretty obvious, right?

All the information you will get should be written somewhere, create documentation and later you can share this with others colleagues.

Task: Research the company and create documentation.

📌 Once you’re in

My first recommendation is to ask what the business is about, even if you’ve read it, you won’t have all the information beforehand, so ask your leader to tell you the whole story of where the business comes from and where it's going.